Friday, January 1, 2010

Yummy Blog Candy....

I am giving out some yummy Blog Candy, all you need to do is: (I will ship any where)

1. Become a follower/Subscribe to this Blog and my Magnolias Blog
2. Post this pic and a link back
3. Please leave me a comment on the bottom post to let me know you're interested in winning all this!
4. Ends Sunday January 31,2010

(This post will remail on top until January 31,2009,
Please scroll down for current post


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Tany Sol said...

My comment is lost :( , therefore I write again...
Amazing candy! Really want to be the lucky winner.
Thanks for the chance to win! Linked on my sidebar and I'm your follower.


wow, this is great blog candy patricia, and very generous thank you for offering and for your amazing blog.


hi patricia, thank you i forgot to mention i signed up to follow both blogs and thank you again for the chance to win such a generous blog candy

Alina Lima said...

Adorei seu blog. Seus trabalho são lindos.

laney said...

Last minute Laney LOL!!
I am a follower and have linked you on my sidebar
Great blog!!

Mary said...

Wow what yummy candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I'm a follower of both blogs. Your cards are amazing! Oh yeah and I added a link in the candy section of my blog's sidebar.


katarsis said...

Thank you for chance!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I also want to participate in the drawing

True :) said...

Is this candy still open? I have not seen a post for the winner but it was to end Jan.31st. Just need to know when to pull your link from my blog.
True :D

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