Sunday, March 18, 2012

Something To Share

Hello yesterday was my Birthday and I thought I would share some of my Birthday Photos of what we ate, I rarely share these kinds of pictures so enjoy!

I made this Salsa with fresh tomatoes, Jalapeno peppers, Cilantro and onion. First I Boil the tomatoes and Jalapenos.

Second I put everything in this little food processor, and use the chop button till everything has a chunky texture (Salt to taste).

The final results, enjoy with some chips!

Our traditional Mexican Sweet Bread (Bakery bought),My mom Brought me a load of this sweetness, we enjoy this with Coffee or Hot Chocolate or just a plain glass of milk.

This is my mom making the Spanish Rice, Love the way she makes it!!

I baked these cupcakes for my little guests, there was chocolate crumbs all over my floor, bad idea Patricia but their chocolaty faces was priceless!!

Ok so this was my main dish not too much just some Spanish Rice and Cheese Tamales, Yup I made these yesterday morning. It was raining so I figured something warm would be perfect, Of course I ate a bunch of them and probably gained some extra pounds.

Thanks for visiting!


Anne said...

Happy belated birthday, sweetie. :)

God, now I`m craaaaving a choclate cupcake!

Maria said...

Feliz cumpleaños! Todo se ve delicioso! Ojalá hayas tenido un hermoso día junto a la familia.

Maria B.

Rea said...

Happy Birthday! It all looks so good. Hope you had a nice day. Hugs

Creations by Shirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday Pat!~
Looks like their was a variety of yummy grinds on your special day....delish....
Spanish rice how yummy... Does your mom shares her recipes?

Stacey said...

Hope you had a fantastic day :) x

angelwhispers said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Patricia!

The food looks delicious and whats a few crumbs!! lol

Hope you had a lovely time and received lots of yummy pressies!!!

Love Chanelle xxx

Sandy said...

Priceless - we see you gorgeous cards and now we get a peek of home! I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Darn missed wishing you a happy Birthday hope you had a great day! looks like it with all the yummi treats! hugs me x


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