Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on Craft Room

Hello just a quick update on my craft space But before I get to it I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the Lovely Ladies that have sent Susan a Card, you have really made her Smile, I will be taking a picture of all the lovely cards and post them on my Blog in a couple weeks, if you haven't sent her one and would love to do so just get in contact with me for the address, Thank You!! Ok the texture is on, the room is painted and the epoxy is on the floor. Here are some pictures I hope you enjoy them, I will be putting my craft supplies in a bit at a time in my spare time, some of the boxes have not been opened in almost 3 years, thank goodness for Acid Free!! Here is my little space waiting for all my sweet crafty supplies, notice the Green paint, one of my favorite colors.
Here is the ceiling with the 4 lights on.
Here is the opposite corner, the window, and just by the window there will be a sink. Perfect for washing down the Glitter, Ink and Glue lol!!
Ok so now to the Floor, we decided on epoxy for several reasons(it actually shows darker on the picture): 1. Easy to clean up and maintain cleaner. 2. The kids can drink juice and hang out there with out me freaking out because they spilled something on the carpet. 3. Cheaper
Ok so this was it, I should be sharing some areas organized within the next week or so, I hope you enjoyed these pictures.


Rea said...

So happy to hear about the cards you are getting for Susan, and I hope they let her know she was thought of. Your room is looking great. Love the green walls, and the epoxy floor was a wise decision. I am so happy for you. Hugs

Sandy said...

Okay you lucky lady getting a pretty new craft room. I hope Susan is doing well -- I am sure she loves you so much and you have done a wonderful thing for her Patricia!!

Janette said...

Oh your room is looking fabulous, cannot wait to see it filled with all things crafty.xx


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